“Bonfires” Music Video- The Quiet Science

“We have always shaped our songs to tell honest stories of life – the good and the bad. Stories that always end in redemption and renewal,” explains Nathan Walter, frontman for The Quiet Science.  “Our songs typically end in a place of worship, but at this time in our lives, we wanted to create a project that was purely worship, focused on restoration. A worship album that could be deeply personal for the individual, but one that could also be sung in a community setting.”

Since its inception, The Quiet Science has been known for an innovative brand of story-driven, ethereal music.  The band’s albums found a faithful audience who were drawn to the stunning musical landscapes and harmonic convergence of hope and renewal.  Now, after a four-year hiatus, The Quiet Science reemerges with The Rekindling of the Stars, their third and most worship-centric album to date.

They just released a music video for their first single off of this album, “Bonfires” and are excited to share it with their fans.


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