The Rubyz “Breathtakingly Beautiful” Music Video

The Rubyz released their music video for “Breathtakingly Beautiful,” a song on their new “I’ll Follow You” EP this past week on News Release Today. Inspired by Proverbs 31:11, the song encourages listeners to embrace how God has made them. This verse also nods a head towards The Rubyz name stating that women are worth more than rubies. Tanner Davis (17) a member of The Rubyz, explains the inspiration behind this EP, “God sees each of us as beautiful. We hope that through ‘I’ll Follow You’, young adults will embrace of the unique way that God made each of us. So many kids struggle with self-image and popularity. We want everyone to know that God has a plan and a path for each of us. We don’t have to be nervous about what is to come, because God made us just the way we are. God is trustworthy, we are beautiful in his eyes and this allows us embrace every moment in life!”




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