The Quiet Science Talks with Fresh Australia

The Quiet Science released their album Rekindling the Stars in May. While doing a mini-tour this summer, the lead singer, Nathan Walter, took some time to talk to Fresh Australia about this album. During this interview, Walter discusses the meaning of the title, stories behind different tracks, and plans future. Listen to the interview now:[…]

Video Killed the Radio Star… and Then Everything Else

Dig, if you will, this picture; you’ve got a product or service, and you traipse on down to your local television station to meet with a sales manager. You inform her that you want your commercial to run on the air about ten times a day. You also tell her that you want to be[…]

The Story Behind Plumb’s song “Smoke”

Plumb releases her next single “Smoke” to the radio off her album Exhale later this summer. Read the full article covering the story behind Plumb’s newest song. She tells of her personal connection, where she drew inspiration from the Bible, and the over all deeper message. After reading all about this inspiring single, you can[…]

Author of “The League and the Lantern” talks with FaithTalk LiVE

Brian Wells took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with FaithTalk LiVE last week about his novel, The League and the Lantern. He describes how books allow readers to “open up a part of themselves” that they might not realize while taking readers through interesting twists and turns. This novel has been[…]

“Bonfires” Music Video- The Quiet Science

“We have always shaped our songs to tell honest stories of life – the good and the bad. Stories that always end in redemption and renewal,” explains Nathan Walter, frontman for The Quiet Science.  “Our songs typically end in a place of worship, but at this time in our lives, we wanted to create a[…]

Immerse Conference 2016

The Immerse Conference begins today and runs through June 15 with a unique opportunity for songwriters to live and breathe their music together. After being relocated to Lipscomb University to accommodate the demand, aspiring talent and future industry leaders to receive unprecedented instruction and mentoring from some of the leading names in music and business.[…]

The Rubyz “Breathtakingly Beautiful” Music Video

The Rubyz released their music video for “Breathtakingly Beautiful,” a song on their new “I’ll Follow You” EP this past week on News Release Today. Inspired by Proverbs 31:11, the song encourages listeners to embrace how God has made them. This verse also nods a head towards The Rubyz name stating that women are worth[…]