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"It takes two flints to make a fire." ~Louisa May Alcott
Lori Heiselman
Lori Heiselman
Founder and CEO
Chris Heiselman
Chris Heiselman
Vice President of Digital Media

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"You define yourself by either what your clients want or what you believe they'll need for the future. So: Define yourself by your client, not your competitor." ~Ginny Rometty
  • Plumb

    World renowned musician, songwriter and author Plumb seeks to create art that will encourage fans. Her music has merged genres, her lyrics share her life with transparency and her otherworldly vocals have gained fans in the Christian, Rock, Alternative and Dance arenas. Her new album EXHALE shares a message of hope and thanksgiving after the restoration of her marriage, and she is currently working on a follow up to her hit book Need You Now—A Story of Hope.

  • Dr. Pete Sulack

    Known as America’s Leading Stress Expert, Dr. Pete Sulack owns one of the largest clinics in North America and leads the country in helping to treat stress. A highly sought-after teacher, author, and lecturer, Sulack has had more than 1,000,000 patient visits over the last 13 years. His Unhealthy Anonymous book and online program have helped thousands of people learn how to properly adapt to, and recover from, stress.

    Dr. Pete Sulack
  • Kinda Wilson – Author

    Kinda Wilson wears many hats. As an entrepreneur with three thriving businesses, Wilson loves working with startups and has worked as a marketing and PR consultant. Using her knowledge and experience, she also speaks on overcoming your fears, finding your voice and many more thought-provoking and humorous topics. Her new book “The Echo Factor” is an interactive and entertaining exploration into how our voices matter.

    Kinda Wilson – Author
  • IMMERSE Conference – Gospel Music Association

    Immerse Conference, put on by the Gospel Music Association and Lifeway Christian Resources, provides a space to equip the next generation of Christian artists, songwriters and business leaders. During the two-day conference held in Nashville, TN, participants receive the opportunity to network, unique mentoring opportunities and a songwriting and performing competition element called reVIEWyou. You never know who will show up to mentor and inspire the next generation!

    IMMERSE Conference – Gospel Music Association
  • The Song movie

    The Song follows Jed King, played by Alan Powell, who gets propelled into stardom after writing a song for his wife. Song of Songs and the life of Solomon inspired this 2014 sleeper-hit film.

    The Song movie
  • Plumb


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